The river transport is performed by two motor ships of  pusher  type.  Motor ship ‘Tsar Kaloyan’ with a maximum capacity in a convoy of 8,000 t.  and motor ship ‘Silistra’  with a maximum capacity in a convoy of 4000 t.  The convoys are  from non-self propelled barges of two types: 7 pc. of deck vessels with a capacity of 2021 t. each and 2 pcs. of bilge vessels  with a capacity of 1860 t. each.

The produced and extracted raw  materials, and  the already washed and processed inert materials  are transported by  own river transport means  to various ports along the Danube in Bulgaria and Romania. The company has a sales network in the Romanian ports Calarasi, Fetesti, Cernavoda, Constanta, Braila, Galati, Tulcea and others. The ships of the Polaris-8 Ltd.  transport s also foreign cargo from various ports along Danube. We have experience in the transportation of various types and quantities of crushed stone, ores, coal, fittings, logs, etc.