In Safety and Health at Work and The Environment

The strategic objective of The Managing Body of   POLARIS-8 Ltd.  is to ensure healthy and safe work conditions and to minimize the impact on the environment in accordance with the legal regulations in the country and their constant improvement according to the European norms and requirements.

The Managing Body of Polaris-8 Ltd. declares that the main objective of the company is to increase the measures imposed by the law and the standard for healthy  and safe work conditions  and to achieve high environmental performance.

The policy of the company is aimed at ensuring and maintaining a safe work environment without risk of environmental pollution and endangering the health of the workers and other interested parties related to the activity: customers, suppliers, neighbors, state and municipal authorities, external visitors .
Polaris-8 Ltd. maintains a team of highly qualified personnel and takes care of maintaining healthy and safe work conditions and minimizing the harmful effects on the environment.  We train regularly the staff and strive for every employee to realize the importance of her/his actions with regard to the safety of the work environment and the environment.

The Managing Body of the company  controls and monitors the observance of the technical rules and norms applicable to the activity concerning the safety of the work site and the protection of the environment. Workgroups for safety and environmental protection have been set up in the company, with the participation of representatives of the workers and specialists which enables the Managing Body  to be promptly informed about all the adjacent needs for improving the work conditions and reducing the impact of the environmental aspects.

The company has implemented an Integrated System of Managing The  Safety and The Health at  Work and The Environment  which builds on the Quality Management System and complies with the requirements of the standards BDS EN ISO 14001: 2005 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. The efficiency and the effectiveness are evaluated periodically, as corrective and preventive actions are initiated against inconsistencies. In this connection, it is carried out: determination, planning, implementation, control and continuous improvement of all processes that affect the healthy and safe work conditions  and the aspects of environment.

The Managing Body of  Polaris-8 Ltd. declares the current  Policy  of Safety and Health at  Work and The Environment   which is announced, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization. The Managing Body is fully committed to this policy and encourages the team to support it.