Polaris-8 Ltd.  is located in the western part of  The Town of Silistra on the Danube, -the  most important European  road. The company has been established  in 1996 as a successor of a company with 50 year history and traditions in the sphere of the  river and dredging work. With the economic changes in Bulgaria today The Company is a financially stable private company working with modern market principles.

Geographically  The Company is located 75 km from the channel  of Cernavoda - Constanta, 200 km away from the big Ukrainian Port Reni.
The main activity of Polaris 8  Ltd. is  extraction, processing, disposal of inert materials and ship transport on the Danube. The Company carries out also  additional types of services such as port, agent activity, weighing machine  services, etc..

The enterprise has a long tradition in the market niche that occupies and is a major market player in the sector nationwide, because it provides  inert materials as to  the  whole north-eastern part of the country, as well as it  makes significant supplies  on the external markets, particularly Romania.

Namely the specific production powers, the  facilities with modern high-tech equipment, the excellent product quality and the qualified, experienced and motivated staff enable The Company to enter into long-term contracts with major partners to serve rhythmically their orders and to achieve continuously increasing revenue. Therefore the permanent objectives of   Polaris-8 Ltd.  are maintaining the company image on the market in which it operates, maintaining the good quality of the production  and the services,  optimally satisfying the customer needs and environmental protection.